Mapping A Murder

Mapping A Murder: Tracking A Killer Using Google Tour Builder maps the locations where key events took place before, during, and after the murder. The idea behind the map is that it may reveal proximity and relationships amongst witnesses, suspects and events.

There are several connected tours in Mapping A Murder; each one links to a theory as to what may have happened to Lonzy; for example, The Bogalusa Connection, and The Oswald Connection are two of the connected tours.

Click to begin the Mapping A Murder tour in your web browser.

Use Google Earth Pro for an even better tour

For the ultimate experience, download the Google Earth kmz files and open them with Google Earth Pro [Download Earth for FREE here.] In Google Earth Pro, you can layer the tours and turn the different tours on or off to see even more connections. [Note: If you still prefer to use a browser and you’re using Google Chrome, click the hamburger button located in the upper right corner of the Google Tour Builder tour. Click ‘Open in Earth’ and you can take the tour using a browser version of Google Earth.]

Mapping A Murder includes these tours:

Connected tours:

If you’re someone trying to solve a crime, I hope Mapping A Murder might give you some helpful ideas.