Track a killer

I’m glad you’re interested in digging deeper into the unsolved murder of my grandfather, Lonzy Haywood Minshew. I recommend you start with the Case File and come up with your own conclusions before you read my notes. And, by all means, contact me if you have any questions, or leave your thoughts on this website.

Case File contains original investigation documentation: It includes the autopsy, police reports, crime scene sketches, witness and suspect statements, pickup orders (arrest warrants), and arrest reports. It also includes newspaper clippings. Many of these documents have been transcribed for ease of reading and to aid in locating information. [Open file…]

Case Notes are my thoughts on the information I’ve discovered during my personal inquiry into Lonzy’s murder. Included is information extracted from historical records and other sources. Here I posit questions I feel have been left unanswered, entertain various theories as to what may have happened to Lonzy, and make comments about things I feel are better left said. [Read notes…]

Also within Case Notes are various tools I’ve created to help track Lonzy’s killer; including Timelines and Mapping A Murder, which attempts to map the locations where key events took place before, during, and after the murder. The purpose of the map is to reveal proximity and relationships amongst witnesses, suspects, and events.