A Theory But No Excuse

On November 22, 1963, a little over 3 months after Lonzy was murdered, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.   The investigation into JFK’s accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, led investigators to New Orleans, where, sometime during May-September 1963, Oswald rented an apartment at 4911 Magazine in Uptown New Orleans.

It is possible that the investigation into JFK’s murder absorbed all of the NOPD’s manpower and Lonzy’s murder investigation was simply shoved to the back burner. There was entry in Lonzy’s case file dated October 19, 1963; however, there were no new entries until December 1963 – and then there were only two. The last entry was dated December 18, 1963. The last sentence in this entry read “This case is still open.”

(Image left: An apartment on Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans rented by Lee Harvey Oswald sometime during May-September 1963.)

Ironically, Haywood and JFK were both born in 1917, as well.  As was JFK’s life,  Haywood’s was also An Unfinished Life.

Resources/related topics

Wikipedia: Lee Harvey Oswald

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