Noah Wilson Pitts Arrest Report

Noah Wilson Pitts was arrested at this location on the morning of August 26, 1963.


NEW ORLEANS POLICE DEPARTMENT ARREST REPORT Arrest Number: 827 District: 6th Item No.: H-14552-63 Show Arrest Credit: 6

Last Name/First/Middle: Pitts, Noah Wilson Alias: None Residence: 321½ South White St. N. O. La. [1-T handwritten next to address]

Place Arrested Location: 1300 Magazine St. Dist.: 6 Zone: E Arrested Date: 8-26-1963 Time: 10:45 A.M.

Charge: RS 14, Art. 107 para. 5 & 7 rel. Vag pend. inv. of murder and recent roll jobs.

Arresting officers and where assigned: Patn. E. Brauner, R. Williams…6th. Det. J. Howley, R. Blake, R. Townsend, B. Alexander…Det.Bur. [sic]

Birthplace (City and State): Ovitte [sic], Miss. Birth Date: 6-3-1927 Race: W Sex: M Age: 36 Height: 6’2″ Weight: 185 Eyes: blu Hair: br Complexion: fair Occupation: None Arrested with: self…

Remarks: Subject arrested from above location in connection with the recent murder which occurred in Audubon Park. Also suspected of recent roll jobs in this City and area of arrest.

Thomas Keyes D/Sgt.


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