Worth considering

There is the possibility that Haywood’s vehicle was not used to transport his body to Audubon Park. If not, then whose vehicle was used? [More…]

Haywood’s body discovered “in the rear of Audubon Park” (Walgamotte/Mayo).

It is generally believed that Haywood was not murdered at the location where his body was discovered. However, because it is not yet known where he was murdered, for the purposes of this project, I refer to Audubon Park as the *crime scene* (SR64, pg 1, par 4).

From the case file, I have two sketches of the crime scene (Sketch 1 | Sketch 2). A “B of I Tech, L. O’Neil” photographed the scene (SR64, pg 2, par 2). To date I have not been able to locate these photographs, but am still searching.

SR64 reports an Accident Investigation Unit was summoned to crime scene, in the event Haywood’s death resulted for a vehicle accident. A “Patn. Levet” participated in the investigation (SR64, pg 2, par 3 ). To date I’ve not been able to locate this report, but am still searching.

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