The big score

Hart states that when he, Haywood and Pitts returned to Lewis’ that he (Hart) went back into Lewis’ and Haywood drove off with Pitts to check out another bar. Hart states that Pitts returned to Lewis’ about an hour later and entered the bar without Haywood. At that time, Hart asked Pitts if he wanted him to take him to look for his wife, Susie. Hart goes on to explain that they did indeed go look for Susie at several places including the Playboy Lounge, Dave’s Place on Magazine and Tommie’s. Hart and Pitts finally caught up with Susie and Pitts ran across the street to talk to her. He came back with 75 or 80 cents that he obtained from Susie. Hart and Pitts then went back to Lewis’ Bar, which was about 1:30 am, 17 Aug 1963. If, when Pitts came back to Lewis without Haywood, he had already made his “big score,” why would he be continuing to hunt his wife for a bit of loose change?

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