Helen Brewster Mayo Statement


New Orleans Police Department

Homicide Division Office

August 20, 1963

Item # H-9201-63

Statement of one, Helen Brewster Mayo, WF, 40 years of age, residing 1113 St. Mary St., employed at Lewis’ Bar located 1113 St. Mary St. Statement relative to the death of Lonzy H. Minshew, WM, 45 years of age, formerly residing 1315 St. Mary St., whose body was found at 6:15 AM August 17, 1963 in the rear of Audubon Park.

Saturday night two police spoke to me and they showed me a picture and asked me if I knew the fellow and I did, he was a fellow I called Jimmie, I know him and his family for about six years. They asked me about the last time I saw him. I told they that Jimmie had been in the bar}Lewis’ Bar where I work Friday evening about 5:30 with a fellow by the name of Eddie Sorrel and they left together and came back about 30 or forty minutes later, Eddie stayed and drank a beer and he left by himself. Two strangers came in the bar and they ordered two highballs and Jimmie offered to buy them a drink or give them anything they wanted and they sat together they were talking and I heard part of their conversation and they said something about Mississippi, and Jimmie wanted to take them across the river, the little one who was red face knew how to get over the river and when they asked me how to get over the river and I told them to go over the bridge the red faced one looked at me and winked and said “he knew”. The two that were drinking the highball left after I got in an argument with Jimmie about not letting him take them across the river, I told him that he wasn’t going to go anywhere, he was going to stay right here with me, the two fellows left then. After they left I told Jimmie, when he still wanted to take the fellows over the river, Jimmie, your crazy, fooling with people you don’t know you’ll get killed, stay in here and behave yourself. He told me, “I can take care of myself, I’ll just get in my car and let them follow me over there”. I left the bar to take a box in the back and where I came back in the front the bar Jimmie was gone, it was about 10 minutes after the fellows left and about 6:30 or 7 o’clock, maybe 7 or 7:30, I can’t be exact.

I never saw Jimmie again after that.

Sunday evening about 12:30 Grace called me and she said that there was a man in there asking if the barmaid coming on in the evening would recognize him, and she told him “sure”. I asked Grace what did he look like and she described him to a tee the sandy headed red face fellow, the small one, and I looked through the holes upstairs and it didn’t look like the guy, Grace didn’t want me to come down stairs because she got all shook up when the guy asked her the one question, seeing what happened to Jimmie. He didn’t look like the same fellow to me because it was at a distance and was wearing glasses, but Grace described him to a tee of the fellow who was in the place with the big guy talking to Jimmie, even to his teeth and mouth. She said he had a crew cut and his face was just as red as red can be and he had a black eye and a few scratches on him.

The tall guy that was with him when they were with Jimmie did all the talking and the little guy didn’t say anything except when he looked at me and said I know.

Q. Can you describe these two subjects to me?

A. the Little one was sandy headed crew cut, blue greenish eyes, looked to be about 27 a little hefty about 5 7 or 8, had a wide mouth big teeth, was country and punkish looking, flat stomached shoulders a wee bit broad, had on a reddish looking shirt and dungarees, and real redfaced, I’ll never forget that redface. The other one was about 6 or 6 1 real tall black headed brown eyed, olive complexion, I don’t know what you would call it, olive is dark but he wasn’t real dark, he was about medium build not too thin just about right for 6 1. He looked to be about 35. He had on a light tan shirt and khaki pants, both these fellows talked country, hillbillie I guess you could call it, that’s all the same.

Q. Is there anything about Jimmie that we should know, like did he flash his money or did it appear that he was trying to make these fellows, or does Jimmies actions when he in in a bar with fellows indicate that he would be gay?

A. He appears to be queer, he flashes his money and buys men drinks and offers to carry them anywhere at his expense, and he takes up with anybody, if its a man. Sometimes he came in the bar with his wife and he is real colse [sic] with his money he doesn’t buy anything, he’s a perfect husband.

Helen B Mayo signature

Helen Brewster Mayo

This statement typed by Sgt. R.J. Blake in the presence of Patn. R.G. Townsend and completed at 2:20 AM August 20, 1963.


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