Earl Russell Hart Statement 1


AUGUST 23, 1963
ITEM #H-9201-63

Statement of one Earl Russell Hart, WM, age 35, residing at no local address, unemployed, relative to the death of Lonzy H. Minshew, WM, age 45, formerly residing 1315 St. Mary St. Whose body was found at 6:15 AM, August 17, 1963, in the rear of Audubon Park.


The 16th of August I got up around 7:30 or 8:00 AM I guess and I left to go pick my check up. I walked down the levee from my house at 721 Brooklin Ave. to the Gretna ferry. I caught a ride with this fellow across the river. I asked him for a ride and he told me alright. Well, we went across the river and we went to where I work at Buck-Kreihs at 2225 Tchoupitoulas St. I went and got my check. I got my check cashed right there at a grocery store on Jackson Ave. Right by the company. My check was for $19 and some few cents. I left from there and went to Mary’s Tavern, its somewhere on Magazine St. I think its where Camp and Magazine St. run together. I was by myself and I drank too [sic] beers at Mary’s Taverns [sic]. I left Mary’s Tavern and went to Louises [sic] Bar at about 9:00 or a little after. Louis’es [sic] Bar is on St. Mary just off of Magazine St. In Louis’es [sic] I run into Eddie, a guy that I work with. I drink two beers in there and me and Eddie left and went across the river in Eddie’s car. It is a 53 Plymouth, about a light blue color. We stopped at a couple of places and dranked two beers one place and stopped at another place and drank two more. We stopped at these places while I was on the way to go out to a little joint in Belle Chase. We stopped at a little joint just this side of a chemical plant in Belle Chase. We stopped there and drinked a few beers in there. I was in the joint about 35 or 40 minutes I guess. I left there and went to a little grocery store and got a fifth of whiskey and a six pack of Falstaff. Then I left there and went back to the joint I was at near the chemical plant. I left there and I went to a friends house named Pee-Wee. He live on Cedar Drive in Belle Chase [sic]. I know him because I bought a lot right by hissen. I got to Pee-Wees at about 11:00 or 11:30 in the morning. And then I left from there cause Pee-Wee wasn’t home and I went to Chucks Bar on the Belle Chase Highway. Eddie was still with me all this time. We stayed down and drink a few beers and we left there and went back to Louis’s Bar and on the way we stopped at a couple of bars on the way back. I guess it was around 1:30 or 2:00 when we got back to Louis’s. We stayed there until around 4:00 in the afternoon and then we went to Eddie’s daddy’s in the 38 or 3900 block of Magazine St. We stayed there about an hour. We went back to Louis’s, stayed around Louis’s and those other joints until I went to sleep in Eddie’s car which was parked right across the street from Louis’s. I don’t know what time I went to sleep but I know it was dark. Well Eddie was asleep in the car too.

I woke up the next morning, it was after day. I’d say it must have been 7:00, 7:30, something like that. Eddie was still sleeping and we was still parked in the same place, in front of Louis’s. So I woke up about 7 or 7:30, went in Louis’s and drinked a few beers in there. Eddie went in there with me. We left from Louis’s and went to my brothers house over on 1347 Coliseum St. I got him up and we were there for ten or fifteen minutes. No longer then it took him to get dressed. We left from there and went to Dave’s Bar on 12 something Magazine St. Me and my brother went into Dave’s and Eddie stayed in the car and he went back to sleep I recon. My borther [sic], his face was beat up, all busted up,. Somebody beat him up. As far as I know it happened in Dave’s Bar. I asked my brother about being busted up and he told me he didn’t know who done it and didn’t know where it happened at so fome [sic] friends told me it happened in Dave’s Bar and some guy named Dale beat him up. That’s why we went to Dave’s, to look for Dale. So me and my brother and some other guys was drinking in there for about two hours and Eddie woke up and come in Dave’s and he asked me where was his pocket book. I told him I didn’t know where his pocket book was. We had a few words and I told him that him or nobody else would call me a thief. I asked him outside and we fought. I got a black eye and I don’t know what he got. I guess this was about 10 o 10:30 in the morning, Saturday morning. He jumped in his car and run and I haven’t seen him since. I stayed in Dave’s bar until sometime late Saturday night and then went to my brothers house and went to sleep.

Q 1. Is there anything you want to add, omit, or change in your statement?
A 1. No sir.
Q 2. Is this statement the truth to the best of your memory?
A 2. Yes sir, to the best of my memory.
Q 3. Would you take a polygraph examination (lie detector test) to prove what you have told me is the truth?
A 3. Yes sir.
Q 4. Where [sic] you in any way forced to make this [sic] statements, by force, promises, or threats?
A 4. No sir.

Earl R Hart Signature

Statement typed in the Detective Bureau Office by D/Sgt. Robert Mutz in the presence of St. R. Blake and Det. R. Townsend and completed on Friday, August 23, 1963 at about 5:55 AM.


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