Wallace Hewes West Statement


Item H-9201-63 8-17-63

Statement of one Wallace Hewes West, WM, age 21, residing at 1741 Coliseum St., son in law of Lonzy Minshew, WM, 45, whose body was found in Audubon Park, just off River Drive at about 6:30AM on 8-17-63.


My name is Wallace Hewes West, I am 21, and I live at 1741 Coliseum St., apartment 7, with my wife Linda Kate Minshew West, who is the daughter of Lonzy Minshew. This morning, Saturday, August 17, 1963, while I was doing some work at Jay Cox’s Amaco Serivce [sic] Station at Melpome [sic] and Magazine Sts., when my wife called, this was about 4PM and Mr. Jaycox told me that my wife had called and left word that my father-in-law was dead, and for me to come home. I wento [sic] my mother-in-law’s house at 1315 St. Mary St., and my Mother-in-law and wife were there and they told me that the Police had come and showed them some pictures of the man found dead in the park and it was my father-in-law. They told me that two officers had come to to show them the pictures.

The day before, I had come over to 1315 St. Mary St. about 7 or 7:30PM and my wife left my daughter with my Mother-in-law,and we went out. My mother-in-law told me that she and her husband had been drinking most of the day, mostly whisky [sic], and also some Falstaff, and that he had left for work about 3:30PM. He was due to get paid that day, and he made about $2.70 an hour, and worked about 40 hours a week. We left, and went out to Pontchtrain [sic] Beach and came home to my mother-in-law’s about 9:45Pm and picked the baby up, and took my wife and my baby home, and my brother was there, and I asked him if he wanted to go drink some beers, and we Moores Bar on Prytania St., and bowled on the bowling machine in there for a while, and then remembering what my mother-in-law had said about my father-in-law not coming home for supper, which he usually did, I went to Tommy’s Bar on Magazine St. and went up Magazine and came by Louis’s and the Half Moon, and did not see the car, so I passed by 1315 St. Mary St., and still did not see the car, so I went home, that was about 12:10AM.

On Saturday, August 17, 1963, I went with two officers to the Coroner’s Morgue, and identified a body as that of my father-in-law, Lonzy Minshew, there was no doubt about it.

I know that my father-in-law had been robbed once, and his car stolen and his wallet was returned to him by Sheriff King of Amite, and that a boy named Maham was supposed to have done it.

The above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and was given freely of my own will.

Wallace H. West signature Wallace Hewes West


The above statement taken in the Homicide Office by Sgt. James Howley and whitnessed [sic] by Lt. James Kruebbe and Patn. Ben Alexander at 6:20PM on 8-17-63.


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