Earl Russell Hart Arrest Report


NEW ORLEANS POLICE DEPARTMENT ARREST REPORT Arrest Number: 690 District: 6th Item No.: H-12197-63 Show Arrest Credit: 26

Last Name/First/Middle: Hart, Earl Russell Alias: None Residence: No Local

Place Arrested Location: 1113 St. Mary St. Dist.: 6th Zone: E Arrested Date: 8-22-1963 Time: 7:25 P.M.

Charge: RS 14, Art. 107 para. 5 & 7 rel. Vagrancy Pend. inv of recent roll jobs.

Arresting officers and where assigned: Det. B. Alexander, D. Kent..Det. Bur. [sic]

Birthplace (City and State): Brookhaven, Miss. Birth Date: 7-8-28 Race: W Sex: M Age: 35 Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 Eyes: blu Hair: br Complexion: rudd y [sic] Occupation: Welder Arrested with: self.

Remarks: subject arrested after being recognized by Officers as being in the vicinity and fitting the description of a subject wanted in connection with the Death of Lonzy H. Minshew. Information received that a white male fitting the physical description of the above-named suspect, with a fresh cut beneath the left eye was seen in the vicinity of the last known location of the deceased.

Thomas Keyes D/



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