Walter Edgar Sorrell Statement


New Orleans Police Department Homicide Division Office August 23, 1963 Item # H-9201-63

Statement of one Walter Edgar Sorrell,WM, 29 years of age, residing 112 Ann Drive, Westwego, with brother Talley Talmidge Sorrell, employed Humble Oil Co, rig # 47 out of Grand Isle, in the Gulf of Mexico. Statement relative to the death of Lonzy H. Minshew, WM, 45 years of age, formerly residing 1315 St. Mary St., whose body was found at 6;15 AM, August 17, 1963, in the rear of Audubon Park.


On Friday August the 16th I was in and out of Lewis’ Bar all day, at least since ten o’clock in the morning, and at about 9 o’clock in the evening I was sitting at the bar drinking a beer and this fellow whose picture you showed me came in, and he sat next to me at the bar, his back to me and he was facing two other guys sitting on the other side, and one of these two guys asked him to take him across the river, and then the bar maid told the man something, I don’t know what she said, and the two guys left, and he turned to me and started talking to me, he just asked me to drive him down to Tony’s or Tommie’s, it’s one of the two, it’s down on Magazine St., he bought me a beer in Lewis’, I told him if he wouldn’t be gone too long I would drive him down there, he told me his name was Lonnie or Lonzy something like that, we finished our beer and left and went to his car that was parked right out in front of Lewis’, it was a green 53 or 54 Chevrolet and we got in and he drove down to Tony’s or Tommie’s on Magazine St., in about the 1300 block. We parked the car on the side street by Tony’s and went in and I bought us a beer and we drank that beer and I told him I had to go back to Lewis’ and he asked me would I drive back and I told him yes, if he wanted me to. When we got in the car, he put the keys in the ignition himself and I drove from Tony’s back to Lewis, I say that this was about 11:30 PM when we got back. I got out the car in front of Lewis’ and I said to him was he coming in, or you going to go, and he said No, I’m going to go. I told him my girlfriend was meeting me and I had to go in. So I walked on in Lewis’ and that’s the last time I saw him, as far as I know he was still parked there when I went in Lewis’.

Q. Are you sure that when you drove back to Lewis’ you parked directly in front of the bar? A. Thats right right out in front of the door, because I know, it was across the street.

Q. Are you sure about the time that you came back to Lewis’s with Lonnie? A. I’m sure, I ain’t positive but I’m pretty sure because I meet my girlfriend at Lewis’ Friday night at no more than 12 ten at the most and I don’t think I waited over 30 or 35 minutes for her after I got out of the car.

Walter Edgar Sorrell

Statement typed and questions asked by Sgt. R.J. Blake in the presence of Det. R.G. Townsend, completed at 7 AM, August 23, 1963/ [sic]


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