Bonnie Kate Minshew Statement


Homicide Division Detective Bureau August 17, 1963 Item # H-9201-63

Statement of BONNIE MINSHEW w/f age 41 of 1315 St. Mary Street relative to the death of her husband Lonzy Hayward [sic] Minshew w/m 45 formerly of 1315 St. Mary Street, whose body was found in the Audubon Park near River Drive at about 6:30 A.M., Saturday, August 17th, 1963.


The last time that I saw my husband LONZY MINSHEW was yesterday, Friday August 16th, 1963 at about 3:30 P.M. when he left the house to go to work. He worked as a welder at Hepinsall’s on Market Street. He has been working there for about two weeks. Since thursday [sic] he has been working from 4:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M.. Thursday nite [sic] at about 8:30 P.M., he came home for supper, I was working and my daughter Lavona served him. He was suppose to come home last nite [sic] for supper but he never showed up.

When he left for work he went in his automobile, a 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air and he carried his welding shield and all of his tools. He was dressed in khaki pants and shirt and a black pair of welding boots, which laced up. Friday is pay day for my husband. Yesterday afternoon I know he had somewhere around five dollars on him, because I had given him five dollars before he went to work. My husband carried a wallet, I think it was a brown leather wallet, it had his driver’s license and a few pictures.

My husband always came home and leave his money, he never carried a full pay day with him, never. Sometimes he would take a few dollars and go out and get a few beers. He usually goes to the Half Moon, Tommy’s Bar and sometimes he would stop at V-Jack’s Bar. I haven’t been to a bar with him in a good two years. He was sometimes in a habit of flashing his money in the bars, he tried to be nice to everybody, buying them beers and what. He made friends easy in a bar, but wasn’t in the habit of carrying strangers off in the car.

About four months ago he was coming home from work, I don’t remember where he was working at the time, but he stopped off in Tommy’s Bar and cashed a check. He left a boy drive his car and his boy knocked him out of the car at the Coliseum Park and robbed him. This boy also stole the car, the same car that’s missing now. Some kids at Amite found his bill fold and carried it to the sheriff. The sheriff came all the way down from Amite to bring his bill fold and drivers license. The sheriff had found my husband’s car at Amite at the boy’s home. The sheriff wanted by [sic] husband to come back to Amite and press charges against the boy. I know his name but I can’t hink [sic] of it right off. That picture that you just showed me with the number 98351 is the boy that robbed my husband a couple of months ago. I see the name on the back is James Baham and now I remember the name and Baham is the name.

I called the police when I saw the article in the paper about the unidentified man being found in Audubon Park. The police showed me a picture and I identified it as my husband. The body that I viewed in the morgue is that of my husband.

Mrs Bonnie Minshew signature Mrs. Bonnie Minshew

statement [sic] typed by Lt. Kruebbe in the presence of Ptn. B. Alexander and completed at 6:35 P.M. Saturday 8/17/63 in the Homicide Div Office.


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