Supplementary Report – October 19, 1963


It was learned from Noah Pitts that one Raymond Oncale could verify that he, Pitts, could not have been involved in the death of the victim.

On October 19, 1963, at approximately 12:25 AM, the undersigned officers contacted Raymond Oncale at his residence which is 1829 Religious Street, apartment D., and brought Oncale to the Homicide Office where he was questioned relative to this association with Pitts and after picking photographs of Pitts and Earl Hart out Oncale stated that they were the subjects he conveyed from Louis’ Bar to Moore’s Bar. However, Oncale states that he is sure that when he conveyed the aforementioned subjects, it was over three (3) months prior if not four (4) months, but he, Oncale, was sure it was not on the weekend, more likely on a Tuesday.

A typewritten statement was obtained from Oncale, and it is hereto attached.

It is obvious from said statement that Pitts is still a suspect even though an investigation was conducted relative to his activities on and around the date of the victim’s death, and no substantial evidence could be obtained which would warrant charging Pitts with said death.

After the interview of Oncale, it is the belief of the undersigned that Pitts was going to a lot of trouble to cover his activities on the dates in question, from Oncale’s statement, it is obvious that Pitts attempted to have the undersigned believe his association with Oncale was on the dates the undersigned officers questioned him about.


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