Supplementary Report – December 18, 1963


On December 18, 1963, at approximately 3:51 AM, the undersigned observed one Charolette [sic] Marie Fischell, alias Marie Nicholson, WF, 27 yrs., residing 1835 Magazine Street, Apartment No. 8, in the 1100 block of St. Mary Street, and she was questioned relative to her means of support and stated that she had none, nor had she had any for the last six weeks, nor had she had any funds on her person. She was placed under arrest and booked in the Sixth District Station with RS14:107 Para 5 & 7, relative to vagrancy and no honest visible means of support. (Investigation of roll jobs and knowledge of the murder of Lonzy Minshew)

She was questioned in the Homicide Office relative to the aforementioned offenses and denied any implication, and agreed to submit to a Polygraph Examination.

At approximately 9:30 AM, December 18, 1963, the arrested subject submitted to said examination, administered by Sgt. E. O’Donnell, and upon submitting questions to her relative to the aforementioned offenses, Sgt. O’Donnell could find no indication of guilt.

On Same date, the District Attorney’s Office was consulted relative to the booking charge of RS14:107 Para 5 & 7 lodged against Charolette Marie Nicholson, WF, alias Marie Nicholson, was refused.

Any further developments in this matter will appear in another Supplementary Report.

This case is still open.


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