Supplementary Report – December 14, 1963


On December 14, 1963 at approximately 2:00 AM, Susie Vickers, alias Susie Pitts, appeared at the Homicide Office and requested that she speak with the undersigned officers. After speaking with Susie Vickers for two hours, it was learned that a female by the name of Marie had knowledge of the incident being investigated by the undersigned officers; and that she, Marie, and two white males committed the murder. The undersigned had questioned a white female on Mare Nicholson to no avail; however, the picture of Marie Nicholson, B of I #95-041, was shown Susie Vickers, and she stated that this was the female involved Susie Vickers then gave the names of Derwood Cartwright, B of I #61517, and Raymond A. Morgan, B of I #78909, as the two white males involved. Mug shots of these two subjects were obtained from the B of I, and she identified them as the subjects she was referring to. She further stated that Noah Wilson Pitts also had the same knowledge about these subjects. That she, Vickers, had been told this by Marie and so had Pitts been told of same. Vickers further stated that both of the white males mentioned had left the City of New Orleans; that Cartwright had gone to Ellisville, Mississippi, and that Morgan and some woman he was living with at the time, one Lea Stone, alias Big Red or Carol; that they had left the City together.


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