Supplementary Report – October 1, 1963


On October 1, 1963, the undersigned report of visiting 1223 Baronne Street and speaking with one Quitman O. Bardwell, WM, 53 yrs., residing said address, apartment #9, at approximately 3:50 AM. After interviewing Bardwell at his residence, the undersigned conveyed him to the Homicide Office where a signed typewritten statement was taken. Said statement alleges that Ernest Hart, who is the brother of Earl Hart, murdered two women and was also responsible for the murder of Lonzy Minshew; however this is only the opinion of Bardwell, and there is nothing that he could present other than his opinion.

Earnest Hart, WM, 32 yrs., residing 3133 Camp Street, was located by the undersigned, and he consented to accompany the undersigned to the Homicide Office to be questioned relative to said investigation.

Information obtained from Earnest Hart indicated that, at the date of this death (Minshew), he was in McComb, Mississippi, and did not arrive in New Orleans, Louisiana until Monday, August 19, 1963. Further questioning relative to a white female that he had been living with, one Jessie, revealed that this white female was one Josie Cox who had been employed at the K & B Drugstore, located on Harrison Avenue; that when she left this employment at the K & B Drugstore, she went to work at the Greyhound Bus Depot; further that at one time, they did reside at 1223 Barrone [sic] Street. This was prior to their moving to St. Claude Avenue. Earnest Hart stated that he left Josie Cox in Pearlington, Miss. and that was some time in February of 1963, and had not seen her since, but that to his knowledge, she was still alive; that he had recently spoke to her mother (Josie) had been in an automobile accident.

A check was made with the Coroner’s Office relative to the death of said female, and said search produced negative results.

Sgt. Drumm and Det. Kent then conveyed Earnest Hart, after he informed officers that he could show them the residence of the daughter Josie Cox, to 1407 Prytania Street, apartment #4.

At 9:35 AM, same date, the officers spoke to one Betty Cox Walker, WF, 18 yrs., residing said address, and Betty informed Drumm and Kent that her mother, Josie cox, had gotten into an automobile accident about two months ago in Bay St. Louis, Miss., and upon her release from the hospital, she went and stayed with her sister who resides in Mandeville, Louisiana; that she stayed there one week and left Mandeville, stating that she was going to live with her brother, one Harold Lejune, WM, 25 yrs., residing in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Betty was sure that her mother is alive and well.

With this information, Earnest Hart was then released from any further questioning.


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