Supplementary Report – August 30, 1963


On August 30, 1963, arrangements were made with Dr. Fagan, through the Coroner’s Office to administer Sodium Pentothal to Earl Hart and Noah Pitts, and an appointment was set for 1:30 PM August 30, 1963.

Dr. Fagan arrived at the Coroner’s Office at approximately 2:55 PM, date as above. Earl Hart, after signing a Permission Slip, was administered the aforementioned drug and the only noticeable results from Hart was that he remembered Noah Pitts informing him that he, Pitts, had made a good score, said score amounting to $65.00 or $70.00.

Noah Pitts also signed a Permission Slip and submitted himself to said drug, and it was the opinion of Dr. Fagan that he was fighting the effect at all times. The only noticeable information obtained from Pitts was that at one time when being questioned by Det. Townsend, Pitts stated something to the effect that he had hidden a wallet in an abandoned house on Orange Street; however, other than this one lapse of memory, Pitts appeared to be conscious of his surroundings and the persons present.

Upon completion, the undersigned contacted Judge Bagert and advised that the investigation relative to Earl Hart was completed, and at the request of the undersigned, Earl Hart was paroled from the Sixth District where he was booked by the undersigned on August 22, 1963 at 4:15 PM with RS14:107 under Item H-12197-63. Earl Hart was paroled by Judge Bagert at 6:15 PM on August 30, 1963.

It should be mentioned that during the administration of the aforementioned drug, the following persons were present:

Dr. Fagan Lt. J. Kruebbe D/S Lopinto The undersigned officers


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