Supplementary Report – August 29, 1963


At approximately 12:20 AM, date, the undersigned re-visited the residence of one, Harold West, brother-in-law of Noah Pitts, and West was again questioned relative to the statement of Pitts that on the nights of August 16th and 17th, 1963, he had been at the residence of West. West again advised the officers that he was certain that Noah Pitts was not in the premises on the aforementioned dates and further stated that he had made inquiries of members of his family, and they also stated that Noah was not on the premises on said dates and times. West was conveyed to the Homicide Office where a signed statement was obtained refuting Pitts’ statement concerning his whereabouts on the aforementioned dates.

At approximately 2:30 AM, same date, the undersigned located James Eddie sullinger and had him present himself to the Homicide Office, and he was requestioned relative to this investigation. During this questioning, it was apparent that Sullinger, due to his intoxicated condition on the night of August 16 and the morning of August 17, 1963, could recall nothing other than that learned by the undersigned during their previous interview of Sullinger.

A signed statement was obtained from Sullinger. Sullinger’s statement does confirm information submitted by Earl Hart in his second statement, and also discredits Pitt’s statement that he had never left the residence of 321 1/2 So. White St. on said dates.

A visit was made to 1315 Constance Street, the residence of one Patricia Wilbert, WF, 27 yrs., who is frequently employed in the area being checked as a barmaid, and she informed the undersigned, in the presence of Earl Hart, that on the morning of August 17, 1963, she entered Lewis’ Bar, sometime after 12:10 AM; that she was sure of the date and time because she had been working at Tommie’s Bar as a relief barmaid; and that she had knocked off from work at about 12 or shortly after and had gone to Lewis’ from Tommie’s which is a distance of about six (6) blocks; and that she does not recollect seeing Hart present but does recall seeing Noah Pitts, as when she walked in the place, Susie Vickers, a female she knows, who is the old lady of Noah Pitts, was sitting at the bar, and as she walked pass [sic], Susie reached out, grabbed her by the arm and told her, “what’s the matter, you too good to speak to me? What are you doing here?” At this time, Patricia noticed that Pitts was seated at the bar next to Susie.

At 11:26 AM, date, the undersigned visited the Sixth District Station and re-booked, Susie Vickers, alias Susie Pitts, who had been picked up by Patn. D. Civello and ?. Landers at 12:15 AM, 8-29-63 from 1732 Carondelet Street and booked with Simple Drunk at the request of the undersigned. Susie Vickers, WF, 25 yrs., no local residence, was re-booked with RS14:107 relative to vagrancy and no honest means of support under Item H-14552-63.

Susie Vickers was interviewed by the undersigned and a signed statement was obtained from her said statement confirms that Noah Pitts was in the area on the aforementioned dates and not at the residence of his brother=in-law, Harold West, as he persists in stating. Susie further informed the undersigned that Pitts was clad in a blue polo shirt and blue dress pants, on the dates in question.

Susie vickers informed that undersigned that she thought she was in need of medical attention and exhibited numerous sores to verify this. The undersigned, having completed their investigation, reference to Susie, contacted Judge Schulingkamp and apprised him of the situation, and he parolled Susie Vickers for the undersigned. Susie Vickers was then conveyed to the Charity Hospital where she received treatment and was later released and will be treated as an out-patient.

At approximately 1:30 PM, date the undersigned requestioned Noah Pitts, and when confronted with all of the information gathered, Noah Pitts informed the undersigned that he wished to make another statement.

Said statement was obtained and completed at 4:00 PM, date. In this statement, Pitts admitted being in the general area of St. Mary and Magazine Streets on the dates when the victim was in said area; however, it is believed by the undersigned that the subject is still withholding information.

Earl Hart and Noah Pitts were then advised that in view of the statements submitted by them, it was apparent that one of them was lying, and they were asked if they had any objections to being administered sodium pentothal, and they both agreed to accept this administration of same in an attempt to determine which of the two was telling the truth.


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