Supplementary Report – August 27, 1963


At approximately 12:30 AM, Pitts was picked up at the Sixth District Station by the undersigned and conveyed to the Homicide Division Office. Pitts was questioned relative to his whereabouts on Friday, August 16th and 17th of 1963. Pitts stated that on Friday, August 16th and Saturday, August 17th, he was at 321 1/2 So. White Street, and that he never left said residence on the days mentioned. Further that at on said dates, with him, were his sister, one Lilly West and her son, Donnie Ray West.

Pitts submitted a signed statement relative to the aforementioned.

The undersigned called at 321 1/2 S. White Street and spoke with on Harold West, brother-in-law of Noah Pitts. West stated that his brother-in-law, Pitts, never stayed at home at night, and that Pitts had attempted to strangle him and rob him of $20.00; further that Pitts had broken his sister’s jaw (who is Lilly West, wife of Harold). Harold West signed a Permission to Search and Seize Form, and the undersigned confiscated articles of Pitts’ which were found on the premises, which consisted of a red shirt and Khaki pants. A key chain found in the bathroom was also confiscated. These articles were entered in the Homicide Division Property Book, page #126.

The undersigned called at the Minshew residence, 1315 St. Mary St., and after the family of the victim viewed the aforementioned keychain, they failed to identify same as the property of the victim, Lonzy Minshew, stating that it was similar to the one Minshew carried.

At approximately 12:50 PM, Sgt. Drum and Det. Kent, acting upon information received by D/S Lopinto via telephone, visited one, Mr. J. C. Meynier, owner and operator of a hardward [sic] store, located 7724-30 Maple Street. It was learned from Mr. Meynier that his maid, one Martha King, CF, 54., residing Camp #6 on the levee at Broadway Street, told him that she heard from a woman waiting at the bus stop at Broadway and Magazine Streets that she (the woman) had witnessed an automobile accident involving a white male pedestrian, who was walking across Broadway Street from the direction of the batture; and that after this automobile knocked down the pedestrian, the occupants of the vehicle got out of the vehicle and put the pedestrian in the vehicle and drove into Audubon Park.

Sgt. Drum and Det. Kent interviewed Martha King, and she confirmed the aforementioned and additionally stated that the woman in question told her “Isn’t it a pity that they brought that man in the park and let him die there.” Martha King further stated that this woman led her to believe that she witnessed this accident on the night before the body of Minshew was found in Audubon Park. Upon further questioning Martha King, she stated that she believed this woman resided on the batture; and that she sees her periodically at the bus stop; and that upon their next meeting, she would attempt to learn her identity and turn said information over to this office.

However further attempts to learn the identity of this unknown colored female have, up to this date, proved negative.

Same date, Det. Kent called at 839 Jackson Ave., home of P.J. Donegan, and interviewed one Clarence L. Kassel, WM, 47 yrs., residing the Veteran’s Hospital, Gulfport, Miss. This interview was relative to information received that Kassel and Donegan on March 6, 1962 were mugged and rolled at the intersection of St. Mary and Magazine Streets by the same persons who were allegedly involved in rolling and mugging of the victim, Minshew.

Kassel was shown several B of I photographs, which the officers conducting this investigation had been checking. Kassel picked out the photograph of one Leslie Frank Walgamotte, B of I # 96-702, as the smaller of two men that had forced him and Donegan into a 1959 Model Ford, which was painted black and red, on March 6, 1962, at approximately 1:00 AM. Kassel stated he was sure that this subject was one of the two subjects who had attached them; further at a later date, he had seen the subject in Mary’s Tavern and attempted to speak to him and the subject had fled. Donegan was unable to confirm any of this information as by his own admission, he was too intoxicated to recall what had occurred or who had been involved.

An investigation into the whereabouts of Leslie Frank Walgamotte was made, and said investigation revealed that on March 6, 1962, Walgamotte was confined in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, and could not have been involved in the offence [sic] committed on the persons of Kassel and Donegan. Further reference to this case, investigation revealed that on August 16 and 17, 1963, Walgamotte was confined in the Parish prison on a parole violation charge, and had been confined in said institution since May 1, 1963.


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