Supplementary Report – August 24, 1963


At 2:45 AM, the undersigned took custody of Earl Hart from the Showup Room, and he agreed to help the undersigned locate a subject who was in his company the night of August 16, 1963 and the morning of August 17, 1963. This subject was know to Hart, only as Eddie. Hart directed the undersigned to the 4000 block of Magazine Street, and there from an automobile that Hart identified as Eddie’s, the undersigned located Eddie at 4018 Magazine Street. Eddie, who was learned to be one James Sullinger, WM, 23 yrs., residing 1224 Leontine Street, accompanied the under signed to the Homicide Office.

Upon being interviewed, Sullinger informed the undersigned that he recognized the photograph of the deceased, Minshew; that he and Hart were in the company of the victim on the night of August 16, 1963; that Hart, the victim, some other unknown male, and himself had ridden in his vehicle which is a 1953 Plymouth, blue in color and bearing 63 Louisiana License #229-327, drove from Lewis’ Bar over to a bar located at Jackson and Magazine Streets. Sullinger was very hazy about his recollection of the events which occurred on said dates, and he attributed this to his being very intoxicated. He further stated that he passed out in his vehicle, which was parked in front of Lewis’ Bar,and that he awoke sometime on the morning of August 17, 1963 in front of a bar on Magazine Street, and that all of his possessions were gone from his person. These possessions consisted of his watch and wallet which contained an unknown amount of money. He immediately found Hart in the bar and accused him of having robbed him, and a fight ensued between him and Hart. (It was learned that this is how Earl Hart and Sullinger had numerous bruises about their faces.) After the fight was broken up Sullinger went home, and Earl Hart stayed at the bar drinking with his friends.

Sullinger was question relative to the aforementioned for five and a half hours and nothing else of value could be obtained relative to his and Hart’s activities.

A Permission to Search Form was signed by Sullinger, authorizing the undersigned to search his vehicle, which was parked in the 1100 block of St. Mary Street, and said vehicle was searched with negative results. Hart when confronted with the aforementioned information, obtained from Sullinger, denied being in the company of the victim or that he had rolled Sullinger; however, he did admit that they had been engaged in an altercation. Sullinger was released by the undersigned at 10:30 AM, August 24, 1963.


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