Supplementary Report – August 23, 1963


At approximately 1:00 AM, the undersigned had Earl Hart brought to the Homicide Office from Showup, and he was interviewed relative to his activities on the dates of August 16th and August 17th, 1963, and he informed the undersigned that he had left his residence on the morning of Friday, August 16th and went to his place of employment, drew his pay check and visited the area of St. Mary and Magazine Streets. While there he met a subject known to him only as Eddie, and they spent the day drinking together with other subjects whom he does not recall; that sometime that night or Saturday morning, he and Eddie fell asleep in Eddie’s car and woke up in the morning, and then went to his (Hart’s) brother’s house, and then to the bar, located in the 1200 block of Magazine Street, where they spend the day drinking.

Earl Hart submitted a signed written statement relative to same, although the subject stated that he had been drinking rather heavily and was not sure of the time and locations stated in said statement.

At approximately 6:15 AM, date, one Walter Edgar Sorrell, WM, 29 yrs., residing 112 Ann Drive, Westwego, presented himself to this office and informed the undersigned that he had heard they wanted to speak with him. (This subject is the Eddie referred to by Helen Mayo, the barmaid at Lewis’ Bar, as being the subject in the bar with Minshew). Sorrell was interviewed and he informed the undersigned that he had been in Lewis’ Bar all day drinking and had sat next to the victim while the victim was drinking with two other males in the bar. The two males left and the victim began talking to him, and he asked to be driven to Tony’s or Tommie’s Bar, and stated that his name was Lonnie (this is what Minshew’s friends called him). Sorell agreed to drive him down to Tommie’s bar, and they drove in Minshew’s car, a green 53 or 54 Chevrolet, and when they returned to Lewis’s Bar, Sorrell believed it to have been about 11:30 PM, Friday, August 16, 1963. He stated he left Lonnie sitting in the car when he returned to Lewis’.

A signed statement was obtained from Sorrell relative to the aforementioned.

“At 10:05 PM, the undersigned interviewed the Minshew family at 1315 St. Mary Street. Present were Mrs. Minshew, wife of the deceased, Mr. and Mrs. West and Mr. and Mrs. Page, son-in-laws and daughters of the deceased. From this interview it was learned that the victim, at the time of his death, was believed to have been in possession of a brown leather wallet, which contained personal papers and pictures of family, also a key chain which had a miniature license tag, can opener and various keys. Further that there was dissension between the victim and his wife, and that he had inquired in the last few weeks of Mrs. Page if he might reside with them; that about two (2) months prior to his death, Minshew had been engaged in an altercation with his son-in-law West, and West had knocked the deceased out of his car. It was also learned that the deceased had been contributing very little funds to the maintenance of his home, and that approximately two (2) weeks ago, he came home late and was very excited, and stated to his daughter that he was going to have to kill a fellow who was giving him trouble.


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