Supplementary Report – August 22, 1963


One Eddie Sorrell, contacted this office about noon, this date, and spoke to Dets. Kent and Alexander informing them that he had heard the police wanted to speak to him. An appointment was made to meet Sorrell at 4:00 PM in Lewis’ Bar, 1113 St. Mary St. At the appointed time, Kent and Alexander went to Lewis’ Bar and met Sorrell. While at the bar , it was confirmed that Sorrell was the Eddie seen in the company of the victim on August 16, 1963. Sorrell was questioned and nothing other than what had been learned during the prior part of this investigation could be obtained. Sorrell was advised to come to this office at midnight so that he may be interviewed by the undersigned, and he agreed to same.

While in the bar, Kent and Alexander observed a white male who had bruises about the face and was learned to be one Earl Hart, WM, 35 yrs., residing 721 Brooklyn St., Algiers, La. It was further learned that this subject had been in the company of the victim on the night in question. Earl Hat was conveyed to the Homicide Office where he was question relative to his activities on the nights of August 16 and 17th, 1963. Hart stated that during this period of time, he had been staying with his wife one Cora Lee Hart, at their home, 721 Brooklyn Street, whose phone number was 367-4991. At approximately 7:30 PM, date, Hart was booked in the Sixth District Station under Item #H-12197-63 with RS14:107, Para 5 & 7, relative to vagrancy and no visible means of support (Investigation of recent roll jobs) after he continued to give conflicting statements to the questioning officers.

At approximately 9:00 PM, Cora Hart was contacted via telephone, and she informed the investigating officers that Earl hart was her husband and that he left the premises of their residence, 721 Brooklyn St., Friday morning, August 16, 1963, at approximately 5:00 or 6:00 AM, and had not returned since, but did hear from him by telephone late Sunday night which was August 18th.

Same date, Sgt. Howley and Det. Townsend visited the Public Services Bus Barn, located Arabella and Magazine Streets, and while there interviewed one Mr. A. Redmond, WM, 34 yrs., residing 6074 Laurel Street, and he stated that he was operating the Magazine Street Bus on the night of Friday, August 16, 1963, and the morning of Saturday, August 17, 1963, and at no time did he notice anything unusual while parked at the bus stop located at Magazine Street and River Drive which is the end of the bus route.

The undersigned visited the building, located 1160 Camp Street, and interviewed one William Halloran, WM, 49 yrs., residing said address, and he stated that on Friday, August 16, 1963, at midnight or just a little after, he went outside of 1160 Camp Street to check and see that everything was secure for the night and it was at this time that he observed the blue 1954 chevrolet parked next to the large drum in the parking area. He further stated that this was the same vehicle that the police had been asking about. Further that he did not see anyone in the vehicle or around same.


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