Supplementary Report – August 18, 1963


The undersigned, upon returning to duty August 18, 1963, contacted the Gulfport Mississippi authorities, and the Louisiana State Police, and advised them to be on the lookout for the aforementioned vehicle which was learned to be the property of the deceased and was missing. The Louisiana State Police were also requested to notify the Miss. State Troopers of the pickup issued.

The undersigned, along with Dets. Kennedy and Thorne, re-visited the Half Moon Bar, and again interviewed Ester Waldanotte. While speaking with her, she recalled that the victim was seated at a table and had made several purchases at the bar; and that each time the victim made a purchase, he purchased three drinks. She did not recall with whom the victim was seated but does recall telling him that he ought to go easy on his money, instead of spending so much. Ester further recalled that, at the time, the victim was in the establishment, he was clad in khaki pants and shirt, as was his usual attire when he visited the establishment.

On August 18, 1963, at about 9:55 AM, Car #62 of the Sixth District, manned by Patns. C. Hinton and A. Upton, recovered the 1954 Chevrolet, bearing La. 63 License #277-333 for which the broadcast had been made in a private parking lot, located at Clio and Camp Streets, which is under the overpass.

Dets. Alexander and Kent visited the scene of the recovery and the B of I was ordered. B of I Tech. W. Forrest arrived at the scene and dusted said vehicle for prints, and it was later learned that several prints were obtained from the vehicle; however, they turned out to be of no value. On the steering while [sic] of the vehicle were several small smears of what were apparently blood. Crime lab. Criminologist, Milton Cox, was requested, and it was learned that he was not available.

The vehicle was towed to the Auto Pound by Tow Wagon 508, manned by Patn. Mathews, where said vehicle was held for further investigation. From the right rear wheel, Det. Kent and Alexander removed an apparent thread. Said item to be turned over to the Criminologist Cox for examination. Beneath where the vehicle was parked were some spots which had soaked into the soil, and samples of this soil were also obtained. On the scene during the time of the recovery of said vehicle were James Page, Jr. and Margaret Ann Page, son-in law and daughter of the victim. The vehicle was tentatively identified by both subjects as being the property of Lonzy Minshew.


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