Close, but no cigar

I’m curious about the cigar found under Lonzy’s hand (SR64, pg 2, par 6).

“Beneath the left hand of the victim was an old cigar butt” (SR64 1963 08 17).

“… the big guy had a cigar stuck in his mouth” (Statement of Esther Walgamotte (EWalgamotte)).

Derwood Cartwright, accused of murdering Lonzy by Susie Vickers Pitts, may have resided at 1419 Terpsichore as late as 1960. A New Orleans city directory lists an R D Cartwright (wife, Inez) at this address. He was employed as a helper at St Vincent Cemetery. Also in 1960, a Shirley Cartwright resided at 1018 St Mary. Shirley was a wrapper at General Cigar (

1960: 1419 Terpsichore R D Cartwright (Inez) helper St Vincent Cemetery / Also a Shirley Cartwright wrapper Genl Cigar r 1018 St Mary (

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