Police Believe Man Murdered

Unknown publication, 18 Aug 1963


Victim Found in Park Is Identified

Sunday’s developments in what appeared to be the murder of a man whose battered body was found early Saturday in Audubon Park included:

Identification of the victim.

Evidence that he had been “rolled” before the killing was uncovered. Finding of the man’s abandoned automobile.


The body was identified by police as that of Lonzy Haywood Minshew, 45, 1315 St. Mary , father of nine children. It was found by a park grasscutter alongside a tree about 30 feet from River dr. near shelter house No. 7, at the rear of the park. Police discovered drag marks leading from the road to the tree.

A coroner’s autopsy disclosed that the man had suffered a fractured larynx, cerebral hemorrhage and multiple abrasions.

Police Saturday expressed the view that the man may have been injured in an automobile accident, possibly the victim of a hit-and-run motorist. But police Homicide Division Lt. James Kruebbe said Sunday, “We believe this is a murder.”

Kruebbe said there is evidence too that Minshew was the victim of a “roll job.” (in police parlance, “rolling” refers to a person robbed after he “has passed out” from drunkenness or other causes.


Kruebbe said his investigation disclosed that Minshew, an employee of Hepinstall Steel Fabricators, 600 Market , had been paid off sometime Friday and was carrying approximately $60 with him later in the day.

Police found the man’s automobile about 10 a.m. Sunday in the 1100 block of Gaiennie beneath the approach to the Greater New Orleans Bridge. It is being given fingerprint crime laboratory tests by police.

According to Kruebbe, it has been determined that persons who new Minshew saw him Friday night in the area of his residence, but it was not established whether he was slain near the spot where the body was found, or whether the killing occurred elsewhere and the body was taken into the park.

Minshew was the father of nine children.

Survivors include his widow, the former Bonnie Kate Wallace; nine children, Lavonna Gail, Roe Marie, Theresa Fay, Shirley Kay, Sheila Annette, Frankie Tarver, Billy Haywood, Peggy Joe and Mrs. Wallace West, all of New Orleans; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen T. Minshew, Leaksville, Miss.; two brothers, Donald and Dixon Minshew, Carthage, Miss.; and two sisters, Mrs. James Jordan, Jackson, Miss.; and Mrs. Jack Gwin, Kosciusko, Miss.

Minshew’s body is being transferred to the Jordan Funeral Home in Kosciusko, which is handling final arrangements. Tharp-Sontheimer-Tharp, Inc. , 4127 S. Claiborne, handled local arrangements.


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