Man Is Hunted In Murder Case

New Orleans Times-Picayune, 20 Aug 1963, pg 6


Victim Had Been Robbed by Suspect Before

Several Homicide Division officers continued Monday in their search for a suspect in the murder of 45-year-old Lonzy Haywood Minshew.

They said that a man being sought had robbed Minshew in the past and had taken his car.

Minshew’s body was found in Audubon Park early Saturday morning.

An investigation by the coroner’s office disclosed that he was beaten to death and dragged to a position near a tree.

The body was discovered a short distance from River dr. near Shelter House No. 7.

Investigating officers said it appears that Minshew was “rolled” for his money. He was believed to have been carrying $60 when last seen alive. His wallet was missing when the body was found.

Minshew, who worked at Hepinstall Steel Fabricators, 600 Market, was paid on Friday.

He lived with his wife and nine children at 1315 St. Mary.

A neighbor, Mrs. Joseph Reeves, 1319 St. Mary, said Mrs. Minshew told her that Minshew was expected home about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

Homicide Division Lt. James Kruebbe said the wanted man is not definitely connected with Minshew’s murder, “but it’s the best we have right now.”

He said there is an eight-hour gap from the time Minshew was last seen alive until his body was found by a grasscutter at the rear of the park.


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