Clarence L Kassel

Excerpt from the case file

Same date, Det. Kent called at 839 Jackson Ave., home of P.J. Donegan, and interviewed one Clarence L. Kassel, WM, 47 yrs., residing the Veteran’s Hospital, Gulfport, Miss. This interview was relative to information received that Kassel and Donegan on March 6, 1962 were mugged and rolled at the intersection of St. Mary and Magazine Streets by the same persons who were allegedly involved in rolling and mugging of the victim, Minshew.

Kassel was shown several B of I photographs, which the officers conducting this investigation had been checking. Kassel picked out the photograph of one Leslie Frank Walgamotte, B of I # 96-702, as the smaller of two men that had forced him and Donegan into a 1959 Model Ford, which was painted black and red, on March 6, 1962, at approximately 1:00 AM. Kassel stated he was sure that this subject was one of the two subjects who had attached them; further at a later date, he had seen the subject in Mary’s Tavern and attempted to speak to him and the subject had fled. Donegan was unable to confirm any of this information as by his own admission, he was too intoxicated to recall what had occurred or who had been involved.” (SR64 1963 08 27).

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